Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Mario, Princess Peach, and lil Toadstool

We spent the evening with Grandparents and family having dinner then out to trick or treat! The kids were so excited and loved getting all the candy. I love being able to see them light up and be so full of joy. And they were so polite. At every house they would say "thank you" and "happy halloween". 
So proud of my sweet natured kids. 
Happy Halloween!

Fall Fun

Wow! What a busy fall. 
So many fun activities and we couldn't ask for better weather!
 Quinten's class field trip to Lee Farms Pumpkin Patch. Mom and Dad got to go :)
 His cute classmates
 Harvest Party at our church
 Look who's sitting in the stroller like a big girl!
 Face painting at the Great Pumpkin Regatta in Tualain
 A little golf...
 Playing in the leaves!

 Carving pumpkins with the Sullivans

 A special Macy date. Disney on Ice!!!
 She looooved it
 QB snapped a pic of me cooking dinner. 
This is how I look most nights, wearing my baby :)
 More leaves...
 Decorating Halloween cookies
Octoberfest with daddy at the Preschool

Phew!! So much fun, but we are worn out by the end of the days and weeks.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baptism Day

Children are a gift from the LORD, they are a reward from Him.
Psalm 127:3

Baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in Tacoma, WA
Godparents: Eboney and Jerad Anderson
Dress made by Grandma Nancy

4 Months

She's 4 months old!

Nora is starting to really take in the world. She loves looking around with her big eyes and holding up her head very well with her strong neck. She doesn't want to miss a thing! So much that we have to cover her head with a blanket when it's nap time to giver her the hint that it's time to close those peepers. She's smiling more and more, and making all those sweet baby noises. And she's becoming more content for longer periods of time, like 15 minutes instead of 5. Hey, it's progress!
 She's sleeping great still! 7pm-3am, then up at 6am. She takes about 4 short naps throughout the day.

 This sweet little one is doing great health wise. We are still working with her weight, but Im starting to realize we probably always will be. At her last appointment she weighed 10lbs 9oz, so she's not gaining at the rate that her doctors would like. We now add formula to her bottles to add extra calories and are still working to make breast feeding easier on the both of us :) At her last appointment we learned how to give her chest physiotherapy, which is just hard clapping on her chest and back to break up her mucous and get it moving. We will start an albuterol inhaler twice a day as well. Both of these things are preventative at this point and also just practice since this will be a lifelong part of her daily routine. We go to the CF clinic at OHSU once a month, and our appointments are 2-3 hours each time because we see so many people. The pulmonologist, dietician, the nurse, the pharmacist, the social worker, research coordinator, and sometimes testing center and lab are all people we see. Everyone has been so great and I feel like we've been blessed with an amazing medical team to support us. 

It can be overwhelming sure, but after a while it just all becomes routine. Im a worn out momma by the end of the day but every morning Im refreshed by those big eyes and sweet gummy smile. 
I think, if she's ready to take on a new day then so am I!
 Nora, you make my heart hurt I love you so much.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

A beautiful, warm, and sunny day in October is unheard of around here!
We had to take advantage of it!!
To the pumpkin patch we went :)
 I love my 3 lil pumpkins!

Im sure we will visit again, 
but next time might be a little more muddy...


At a friend's house to watch the Duck game!

 Score : 2 - 0
2 kids happy, 1 kid not!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Littlest Love

Nora is 3 months old now!
I know I should be posting about her more, but she's the 3rd child :)
I may not have her baby book perfect, or I missed documenting some of her firsts, 
but she's not lacking in love at all!

What is this little girl up to these days?
Still breastfeeding every 3 hours during the day, and sleeping 8 hour stretches at night!
She's getting bigger, with her last weight being 10lbs 6oz. But that still only puts her at the 5th percentile, so she's not where she should be. Her doctors at the CF clinic want to see her weigh in the 50th percentile, and explained that the bigger we can grow her lungs the healthier she will be.
To help, we give her even more enzymes with each feeding to help her absorb the fats in the milk and we also add a little formula to her bottles to boost her calories a bit.

She loves her bath time! 
We started a little night time routine that includes a bath, jammies, bottle, and music. Then to bed!

 So thankful that her lungs have stayed healthy and we have avoided all sicknesses so far!

She's still a momma's girl but getting better with daddy :)
 She's pretty smiley, and does a lot of coo-ing. She laughed for the first time the other day and she's starting to suck on her hands a lot. Rolling from tummy to back also!
 Sisters in stripes!
 Pretty little lady

 Big eyes! Strong neck...
 Quinten is so sweet with her
This is the big gummy smile that I love :)
 I will say I feel like I've gotten to know her better 
now and of course my love for her has grown miles and miles.  
So maybe being a momma of 3 is getting a little easier?!? 
I won't speak too soon, but I can see the sun over the horizon!